Since 2009, Gray Engine Development has been building, servicing, and maintaining race engines for all forms of motorsports. With a heavy emphasis on drag racing for ten seasons, the program captured twenty three NHRA Pro Stock victories and one world championship. Today, the engine facility builds and services drag race engines, stock car engines, dirt late model and sprint car engines.

Engine Building, Freshening and Updating

Gray Engine Development has the personnel and equipment necessary to build, freshen, and update any type of internal combustion engine. From NHRA Drag Racing to the circle tracks of NASCAR and the World of Outlaws, contact the team at Gray Engine Development for all of your engine needs.

Spin Tron Valvetrain Development

The high-tech equipment found at Gray Engine Development also includes a 75-hp spin-tron. From 500 cubic inch drag race engines to the smaller circle track engines used in stock car racing, anything can be tested on our equipment.

Dyno Service / Dyno Tuning

With controlled air conditions to the engine, the dyno testing process at Gray Motorsports is refined and as accurate as possible. Control of the air temperature, relative humidity, and also the barometric pressure supplied to the engine are just the beginning of the tuning process. From carburetors to fuel injection, our team has the experience to tune anything brought to our facility.

Engine Block Honing

With some of the most experienced engine builders in the world, the refined techniques used to perform all processes of the engine build are found right here at Gray Engine Development.

Revolution Inertia Dyno Engine Testing

The Revolution Inertia Dyno was installed at Gray Engine Development in 2011. The unique features of this equipment allow for measurement of the natural engine acceleration rate against a known amount of inertia. Visit for more information.

AVL Cylinder Pressure Analysis / Combustion Analysis

The team at Gray expanded their resources and capabilities when combustion analysis became part of the process in their engine building. Learning and applying combustion analysis has taken our team to the next level. Whether the system is integrated into our dyno testing process or used on the track, optimizing the performance of our engines is where we separate our program from the rest.

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About The Engine Shop

The Gray Motorsports engine program builds engines for all types of motorsports. With several customers in the European Pro Stock class, there is still a link to the 500-inch pro stock engines that have been the focus of the company since its inception... Read More »

Engine Builders

Gray Engine Development consists of the most experienced engine builders in the industry. The knowledge retained by this team gives them the necessary advantage to build engines for the customers to be successful on the track.

Team Member
Paul Hoskins

Paul Hoskins joined Gray Motorsports at the conclusion of the 2013 season. Right out of high school, Hoskins began working in a machine shop where he was doing machine work for the noted M&M Boys Racing team of Richard Maskin and Andy Mannarino. Eventually, Hoskins was working full time for Maskin's at Dart Heads for 15 years. Later, he worked at Mike Edwards Motorsports for six years. Hoskins has been a part of five NHRA Pro Stock world championships – 1996 and 1997 (Jim Yates), 2000 (Jeg Coughlin), 2009 (Edwards), 2018 (Tanner Gray).

Team Member
Stevie Johns

Steve Johns, a native of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is an engine builder who joined Gray Motorsports at the conclusion of 2013. Steve has a unique and successful track record in drag racing both on and off the track. His successes include winning the 1989 NHRA Competition Eliminator crown as a crew chief and earning the same title as crew chief and driver in 1992. He was also the winning crew chief for a 1998 NHRA Pro Stock Truck championship and spent over two decades at Jenkins Competition working with legendary Pro Stock engine builder Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins.

Team Member
Mike Smith

Mike Smith has been with Gray Motorsports since its inception. His career began at USA Racing Engines in Houston after receiving his education at School of Automotive Machinists (SAM). Smith has worked with former NHRA Pro Stock driver’s Mark Pawuk and Warren Johnson. Before joining Gray Motorsports in 2009, Smith worked with NHRA competitor Roger Burgess as well as at Roush Yates.

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For any of your engine building, servicing, or testing needs, reach out to the team at Gray Engine Development. The experience this team has will give you the advantage you need to win races.


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